WoW Feral Druid Talents & Macros

Easy mode guide for Feral Druid. To make Feral rotation easier without losing too much damage, we'll use a combination of talent choice and macros.

This setup will not be ideal in all situations. My goal is to have a nice easy setup for most situations. If you're looking for a max damage setup, this guide is not aimed at you. However, even a pro could use the easy mode macros when multitasking, and their regular macros for pro fights. For me, I want easy mode all the time. Watch the macros in action in my demo videos on YouTube.


Easy mode talent choices are based on reducing complication, and that also work well with the macros. You can change these talents to your preference and adjust the macros as needed.

Lunar Inspiration

Moonfire can be used in Cat Form. You'll have a direct damage ranged attack, another combo point generator, and another damage over time.

Wild Charge

Charge at your enemy and daze them. Great talent for countering an opponent that is kiting, or to get back on an opponent that you are kiting.

Restoration Affinity

Extra healing comes in handy when you've got no healer.

Mighty Bash

An extra stun in addition to Maim.


A damage booster, and an opportunity to stealth and run or stun.

Brutal Slash

Replaces Swipe, for increased area of effect damage.

Feral Frenzy

Deals damage and rapidly builds five combo points.

PvP Talents

War Mode gives you access to PvP talents and bonus.

Leader of the Pack

Extra critical strike and healing.


Cast on yourself or an ally to severely damage opponents that melee attack.

Ferocious Wound

Reduces one opponent's health for 30 seconds. This can make a big difference in a fight.


The easy mode macros help to simplify your Feral Druid rotation, by casting a suitable spell in a sequence. You can go full easy mode like me, or just use these macros when multitasking.

Think of them as base macros that you can adjust to your preference. For example, I've modified Damage Boost and Charge as Night Fae covenant macros.

  • If you don't have the same talents as above, adjust macros as required.
  • If not using English WoW client, you'll need to translate the spells to your language.
  • Ensure other keybinds don't conflict with the macro modifiers.

Primary (Generate Combos)

Sequence starting with Rake, then Moonfire, followed by Shreds. Thrash is on the ctrl shift modifiers for AOE, and Moonfire is on alt for when you need it.

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Thrash; [modifier:shift]Thrash; [modifier:alt]Moonfire; [nomodifier]reset=5/combat/target Rake,Moonfire,Shred,Shred,Shred

Secondary (Consume Combos)

Sequence starting with Rip, followed by Ferocious Bite. Brutal Slash is on the ctrl shift modifiers for AOE, and Moonfire is on alt for when you need it. Tiger's Fury will be instant cast.

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Brutal Slash; [modifier:shift]Brutal Slash; [modifier:alt]Moonfire; [nomodifier]reset=10/combat/target Rip,Ferocious Bite
/cast [combat]Tiger's Fury

Damage Boost

Stuns your target, and gives you a damage boost with Incarnation: King of the Jungle and Feral Frenzy. Re-stealth at end after removing Curse and Poison effects. Berserk is in the macro because it still works to cast Incarnation, using less characters. If you chose the Night Fae covenant, I suggest instead using the Night Fae version of this macro.

/castsequence [modifier:alt]reset=60 Mighty Bash,Feral Frenzy,Ferocious Bite,Berserk,Remove Corruption,Prowl; [nomodifier]Maim
/cast Maim


Thorns, with modifier for Survival Instincts and Barkskin.

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Survival Instincts; [modifier:shift]Survival Instincts; [modifier:alt]Barkskin; [nomodifier]reset=10 Thorns


Options for a healing sequence, Rejuvenation, or Entangling Roots.

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Rejuvenation; [modifier:shift]Swiftmend; [modifier:alt]reset=2 Regrowth,Rejuvenation,Regrowth,Regrowth; [nomodifier]Entangling Roots;


Combines Skull Bash with modifiers for Wild Charge, Stampeding Roar and Dash. If you chose the Night Fae covenant, I suggest using the Night Fae version of this macro.

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Stampeding Roar; [modifier:shift]Dash; [modifier:alt]Wild Charge; [nomodifier,@focus, harm, nodead][]Skull Bash


A macro for stopping your opponent.

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Ursol's Vortex; [modifier:shift]Ursol's Vortex; [modifier:alt]Hibernate; [nomodifier]Cyclone;


Help your allies with resurrection, remove debuffs, and group healing.

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Revive; [modifier:shift]Remove Corruption; [modifier:alt]Wild Growth; [nomodifier]Rebirth

Cat Form

Shift to Cat Form even if mounted.

/dismount [mounted]
/cast Cat Form


Prevent accidental unstealth by putting ! in front of spell.

/cast !Prowl


Prevent accidental unstealth by putting ! in front of spell.

/cast !Shadowmeld


Swap in your preferred items.

/use [modifier:ctrl]Alliance Glider Kit; [modifier:shift]Red Flying Cloud; [modifier:alt]Magic Banana; [nomodifier]Net-o-Matic 5000

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