WoW Druid

Druids are the best class in WoW, and everyone agrees. Feral Powe... Druid Power! My fav Druid roles in battlegrounds are flag carrier, flag interceptor, and flag stealer.

I've dabbled in other classes with my alts, but Druid will always be my favourite class in WoW. I love the abilities, the cat, the vibe. Being able to stealth is the defining feature. Move from A to B in a battleground - enemy team is wondering where you are, and what you are up to.

In bgs, the Druid excels at flag carrying, flag interception, and stealing flags. It may not for example steal a base flag as easily as a Rogue, yet Druid does flag activities overall far better than any Rogue is capable of.

Rogues are dreaded for their Sap cap, Druids can do that too! Not as easily ofc. Cyclone has a long cast, and lasts the same time as it takes to cap... it can be done. Watch this Cyclone cap demo. If the defender looks like it's distracted, go for it.

Of the four Druid specs, most of my time has been on Feral. An awesome spec. With guardian affinity, a semi-tank flag carrier. Or a speedy relay flag carrier, bringing the flag to an actual tank. Then peeling for it, or going back to enemy base to wait for next flag pickup. Fast stealth interceptor, often at the EFC before any other!

I recently started playing Balance Druid, and that also is much fun. Stealth around, find a good spot, then pop up and unleash your wrath. Freecasting is great. I'm still getting used to it tho, and am at low level currently. I'll probably give Guardian a whirl some time as well. But I refuse Restoration, not interested in being a healer.

You can watch me playing Druid on my YouTube channel.