WoW Discord Improvements

At one point I thought, lots of channels is awesome! Now I realize after feedback, less is more!

Yup, I got a little obsessed with Discord "improvements". I made the changes below over a period of time, to try and scale things back a bit, make it simpler and easier to use. Now I will try to avoid making changes unless really need/want to. Gotta weigh up "improvements" versus changes that potentially irritate members because either ended up more complicated, or just that change can be annoying if used to something regardless of how it's set up.


  • Replaced PartyBeast voice bot with MEE6 bot's voice plugin. PartyBeast is a great bot, however MEE6 added a plugin that does pretty much the same thing without the need for another bot.
  • Replaced Groovy music bot with MEE6 bot's music plugin. Again, Groovy is a great bot, don't need it because MEE6.
  • Added more prestige roles. I got a bit obsessed with this, and not a lot of interest from members, but I wanted to establish a logical and large amount of roles that can be given as rewards for various community activity. Hoping will be interest down the line.
  • Added more details to rules channel for clarity. Made it clear which roles have authority on the server, and what consequences are involved for rule infractions. Also added a set of content rules, in addition to the existing behaviour rules.
  • Split off some of the community channels into a separate social channels category. It's potentially adding complication, but I want the community channels to be focused on channels relating to our community, and social channels are effectively an off-topic category. To make it less off-putting for new members, the social category is hidden until they reach level 2.
  • Added a birthdays channel to the social category. Can perhaps add more channels to the social category, but likely only if demand.
  • Combined the setup channels interests and guilds into one WoW setup channel. Makes it easier to use one channel to select these "sub" roles than expect member to go into two different channels.
  • Removed the unused WoW Classic channels. They were a nice idea, but unused, gotta go. Members can use the WoW channels for retail or classic.
  • Removed the barely used WoW Horde channels. This was a tough decision, but Horde pretty much gave up in our community and did not support the channels. So, gotta go. Many thanks to those that tried!
  • Changed the WoW Alliance channels to just WoW channels. Although I removed the Horde category, I still consider this a dual faction community. What was the Alliance category is now the WoW category for both factions. Now if a Horde joins, they at least see some chat, instead of dead Horde channels.
  • Added a teams channel to WoW category, to maintain a list of our RGB teams and their leaders. Without this channel, it's a guessing game for members what the current teams are. A good addition.
  • Removed the images and videos channels in WoW category, because now a duplication of the community image and videos channels.
  • Removed unused team event channels, but will allow a team events channel if the leader really wants it. Also removed the community events summary channel, redundant now that the WoW events channel will contain most events.
  • Added a games channel category and role for non-WoW games. This may get limited use, but wanted to be able to recruit gamers that don't play WoW... yet. Now they have a set of channels. More can be added, but only as needed.
  • Moved voice channels to a dedicated voice category at top of channel list. Deleted excess voice channels. There were too many voice channels unused in several categories or duplicated. Now one set of voice channels, always at top of list, much better.
  • Added a stage voice channel for a speaker and an audience. This may not get used much right now, but I love the idea of it, so.
  • Various other tweaks.

Join Us

If you love PvP in WoW or any other game, join our Discord. It's much simpler now, with a more logical setup. I hope even just slightly easier to use. But ye, changes for the "better" are potentially annoying simply because it's a change from what has been gotten used to. Will try to hold off on more changes for a while, at least the ones that most users see. Maybe not needed anyway! My Discord tweaking obsession over? We will see!