WoW Discord

Join PVPXTV on Discord for text and voice chat in World of Warcraft.

If you play WoW, you're invited to join our Discord server PVPXTV. Yes, there's a bias towards PvP, but all are welcome.

We have community channels for all members, WoW channels, and channels for our guilds.

Post your chat, images, videos, music, anything WoW. There are no dedicated voice channels for specific activities like battlegrounds or dungeons. Instead, clicking the "Group" voice channel creates a renamable voice channel. Use for any WoW purpose, even PvE.

If you like events, our Discord has dedicated events channels for teams. Sign up and you'll receive an automated reminder before the event starts. You may even be able to run your own events.

Not only can you access content on our Discord, we are keen for members that create content to post it here. If you have a WoW YouTube channel show us your vids. Promote your Twitch. Display your WoW art. Link your Twitter and Reddit posts. We want to see your work.

No matter your WoW region, you're welcome here. Our in-game guilds and communities happen to be EU, PvP focused, and you can join them if you want. But it's not a requirement. We just want lots of WoW people on our Discord. The more the better, fill it up.

Join us, and you can invite your friends to our Discord server too!