WoW Content Creators Discord

Do you stream WoW on Twitch or make WoW videos on YouTube? Join our growing World of Warcraft content creators network.

We are looking for active content creators to join our PvP community. The goal is to raise the profile of your channel and the channels of other members in the network. And as a result of that, also raise the profile of this PvP community. Together, we can help each other.

Enhance your channel:

  • Consistent gameplay with community members.
  • Less dead air via Discord group voice chat.
  • Progression with one of our teams.
  • Network with other content creators.
  • Find an audience within our community.

Join Us

Want to join our WoW content creator network?

  1. First, join our Discord and one of our guilds or communities.
  2. Take part in group PvP with us, stream it or make videos.
  3. Promote the community.

Active content creators may be listed on the member channels page, and have their Twitch streams and YouTube videos automatically posted in our Discord. We also have private Discord channels just for content creators. The only requirement is to be active in this community, regularly create suitable content, and help promote us.