WoW Camera Addon - DynamicCam

DynamicCam takes advantage of a hidden feature in World of Warcraft called Action Cam.

Introduced in Legion, Action Cam provides a more action orientated camera experience. WoW doesn't use Action Cam, because of concerns about motion sickness. The Dynamic Cam addon gives you access to the hidden WoW Action Camera feature.

This addon's nameplate tracking and automatic zoom settings make it easier to keep track of the current target, by continuously adjusting the camera angle and zoom to help keep the target on screen. That's great for PvP, and In the above video you'll see DynamicCam in action.

Highly configurable, there are many options to tailor the WoW camera to your preference. You can export or import settings.

I've combined DynamicCam with other addons for PvP in my WoW UI.