WoW Bounty Hunter

One of the goals of PVPXTV is for our members to destroy each other. To help achieve this, we have an inter-guild bounty hunting system operated via our Discord's economy channel.

Edit: Discontinued due to no interest.

There may or may not be in-game addons to facilitate bounty hunting, but I decided to create our own bounty hunting system on Discord - using the MEE6 bot's economy plugin, which includes an items shop. Here's how it works.

  1. PVPXTV Discord member reaches level 4, giving them access to commands in our economy channel.
  2. After earning enough coins through claiming daily reward, work and games - they buy a bounty hunter item in our economy channel.
  3. Then they use the item in the economy channel to initiate the bounty and receive instructions on how to complete it.
  4. They complete the bounty challenge and provide the requested evidence.
  5. If the conditions are met, an admin gives them their bounty reward - a high value collectible item that has a special use feature, and a prestige role "Bounty Hunter".

Bounty Hunter

Want to become a PVPXTV bounty hunter? Join one of our guilds and our Discord. Bounty hunting is designed to be repeatable content. Hunt them down in arenas, battlegrounds, and world zones. Compete to be the top bounty hunter on the PVPXTV Discord server. Use your bounty reward items in any channel you have access to, demonstrate your prowess. Join us, together we will destroy each other.