WoW Addons - weizPvP & DynamicCam Targeting System

A targeting system for WoW PvP. The weizPVP addon displays a crosshairs reticle on enemy target. DynamicCam swings the camera towards your target and tracks it.


Player detection addon with crosshairs feature. When enemies are in range and perform any ability that enters your combat log, you'll be alerted. Targeting an enemy player displays an easy to use crosshairs - vertical and horizontal lines guide your eyes to a circular reticle on the target. Even when the target moves off screen, you can still track its position. Great for picking out individual enemies in a mass, or solo enemies that are on the move - trying to escape for example, like in my demo video.

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This addon's nameplate tracking and automatic zoom settings make it easier to keep track of the current target, by continuously adjusting the camera angle and zoom to help keep the target on screen. WoW's (hidden) Action Camera feature makes this possible. Not everyone will like the motion effect, but if you can handle it - this is a great help in tracking the enemy target's position, especially when it's initially off screen, and maintaining position awareness as you and your target move around.

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Individually, these two addons are awesome. In combination, DynamicCam improves on weizPvP's already awesome targeting. Do you love group PvP? If you do, you're invited to join our dual faction and cross realm PvP community.