WoW Addons for PvP

These WoW addons for PvP are great in War Mode, Arenas, and Battlegrounds.

They aren't all dedicated PvP addons. You might prefer alternatives or not want to use all of them - but HHTD, BattleGroundEnemies, and Spy are highly recommended. If you have any questions, let me know in the video's comments.


Healers Have to Die. Healer icon above nameplates for awareness and targeting. If you have trouble identifying healers, this addon is for you. I love being able to easily see not only the healers, but also which ones are doing the most healing. Enemy healer targeting and friendly healer defence is so much easier with this addon.

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Ally and enemy frames in battlegrounds for awareness and targeting. My favourite parts are being able to see the health of all players, number targeting any player, and quick targeting of healers and flag carriers. There's a huge amount of information that you can display, or not. I prefer minimal info.

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Enemy player detection for awareness and targeting. This is more useful in WPvP than battlegrounds. It's real nice to get an early warning of approaching enemies and to be able to click their name in the list to target them. The kill on sight feature is awesome fun. A good alternative to Spy is weizPVP, I love its toggleable crosshair feature.

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Raid frame replacement for WoW raid frames. A huge amount of information can be displayed, or not. My fav part is the target direction arrow, very handy!

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Nameplates replacement for awareness and targeting. Makes the nameplates much easier to see. My fav part is the more emphasized enemy player nameplates, putting the focus on enemy targeting, while still being able to easily see friendly nameplates. Lots of settings to play with though.

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Buff and debuff icons above nameplates for awareness and targeting. My fav part is being able to see the remaining time on a cooldown right above enemy players. You can pick and choose what spells to track, and how much emphasis to put on each one. For example, I like making the bounty icon quite large so I can easily differentiate it from other nearby enemies. Gimme that loot!

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Hides NPCs on the minimap, making it usable for tracking enemy players. For all classes, get humanoid tracking on the minimap, even while flying. The HideNpcTracking addon is maintained by users, and the download link can be found in the addon's comments section. I was previously using NpcHider, but that addon appears to be gone. HideNpcTracking is a good alternative to NpcHider.

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Raid, party, and unit frames replacement. There are many options, my fav is the reposition of unit frames and displaying the number targeting your target. Very useful in WPvP for target switching.

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dG Killshot

Let other players know how great you are. Displays a customizable chat message to allies and optional sound after your killing blows. My fav part is knowing how many killing blows I've done, and comparing with other group members that are using the addon too. Nice little extra fun in WPvP.

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Capping Battleground Timers

Timers for base capture, gate destruction, and more. This addon is very useful in battlegrounds. You'll have a much better idea of what's happening, and therefore what needs done. My fav part is the prediction of which team will win or lose, and when.

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REPorter Battleground Map

An interactive map for battlegrounds.

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Enemy frames in arenas for awareness and targeting.

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Audible alerts for spell cast awareness and targeting.

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REFlex Arena/Battleground Historian

Get historical stats on your battleground and arena performances.

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Initiate a wargame 2v2, 3v3, or 10v10 with another party leader.

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