World PvP Ambition

I've always loved World PvP and dreamed of having an army, two armies! Alliance v Horde.

The goal? Destroy each other. Well, it has not worked out so far, but I still have ambition. In BfA we had plenty of Alliance WPvP in our weekly events. Not much Horde WPvP. And in Shadowlands, well, Blizz pretty much took WPvP out of the game. Compared to BfA anyway. If the conflict stims are removed, maybe we can make our own conflict.

This is primarily a World of Warcraft PvP community, however players of other games such as New World are more than welcome. We have Discord channels for other games, and a dedicated MMO channel. If you are into PvP, we want you.

Horde v Alliance

We already have the framework with our Horde and Alliance PvP guilds. Finding members that are interested in the concept is difficult. I am hoping, and I know hope is not a strategy, nevertheless I hope that when I start streaming I can get more interest in this concept.

For now, I created a dedicated WPvP channel on our Discord. The goal is to stimulate those Alliance and Horde members that are interested in World PvP to group up. Find a common shard, hang out, kill each other, general WPvP shenanigans.

When there's enough interest, an official WPvP event can be set up. That will take time. To get started, this is kind of an unofficial event. See our Discord's WPvP channel for details.

Character Focus

Problem, my four guild master characters, the ones that would be doing this WPvP, are not all max level at time of writing. Not good!

Previously, I wanted to level an alt for every class. Well that ambition is gone. I realized I'd lost interest, was spreading myself too thin, and that I'd never get my guild master characters to max level if spending time on other characters. So I deleted excess alts.

Instead I will focus on my four guild masters (two per faction), get them all to level 60 and with at least standard conquest gear. Then I'll be more able to arrange Horde v Alliance events, with a single 60 in all my guilds. That should be done by the time I start streaming. Then I can try to stimulate more Horde v Alliance World PvP in our community.

Twitch Streaming

This is something I really want to do, even if only one viewer! I don't have the internet to stream on Twitch yet. The idea is that when I can stream, perhaps within the next few months, I'll stream community content such as World PvP. Likely a low audience potential, but I love random funny situations, and that's WPvP! The plan is to focus on WoW, dipping into other games like GTA and New World that could be interesting for World PvP.

Join Us

Want to get involved in our WPvP? Join one of our guilds or communities, and make sure to join our Discord because that's where everything gets organized.