World of Warcraft Streaming

This Warsong Gulch rated battleground was a really tough battle. Both teams pushed hard, with a lot of close moments throughout. It's only 1350 v 1353 MMR, but we are moving up!

Rated Battleground Events

Things are really moving forward with our RBG events. In our latest session, for the first time we had enough sign-ups to split into two raids, divided up by bracket. Felt good to see that, and 20 guild/community members in our Discord split into two voice channels. Our PvP community is for sure heading in the right direction. More RBG events have been added to the events schedule, and more will be added. I hope soon we can have daily RBG events.

Streaming World of Warcraft

A goal for this community is to build up a network of Twitch streamers, all primarily streaming while playing with community members. It doesn't help that I can't stream right now. Getting other members to stream us is my solution! If you are interested in streaming our community PvP, join our Twitch community.

Feral Guardian Affinity

Since this video I've switched my Feral talents from Restoration Affinity to Guardian Affinity. Resto affinity was nice, but for RBGs I need that bear when I'm defending a base or carrying a flag to our Tank. I've been meaning to make the change for a long time, but hate changing my macros. Now my muscle memory is a bit screwed up, and I need to fine tune the macros some more. I'll update my Feral macros video guide/page after I've done that. Maybe I'll keep the resto macros, putting them into a separate post.

Alts for Every Class

I don't lack ambition, I've created an alt for every class in WoW! And even two alts for some classes. It will probably take me the rest of Shadowlands to get them levelled up. Not necessarily to max level, but I want to get them to at least 50+ so that I can make a macro guide per class, based on my Feral Druid guide. I'm keen to see if that macro concept will work for every class. Watch this space.