World of Warcraft MMORPG WPvP

There's no shortage of activities for a WPvP guild or community in online multiplayer game World of Warcraft - with different levels of difficulty because of sharding and/or numbers required.

You can role play it, or just go for the kills. Group Finder padding might be desired (or not) for a smaller guild/community.

  • Easy: Roaming WPvP hunting players, bounties, and crates across a zone.
  • Easy: Defend assault quests, world quests, world boss, dungeon/raid entrances, or other locations.
  • Medium: Zone domination, with enough group members you can control a zone.
  • Medium: Enemy city attack or defence.
  • Difficult: Prearranged events for fair fights between guilds/communities at a secret location - sharding issue.
  • Extreme: Enemy guild hunting - major sharding issue.

Some of the sharding issues are solvable, see my post on simulated raids for a cross shard grouping solution. If you'd like to give the above a try, join us in the Alliance Defence Force PvP community.