WoW Community Guides

Get recommended addons, macros, and items for PvPing with our community. Also, guides for classes/specs and tips for PvP in WoW.


  • Addons for PvP - These WoW addons for PvP are great in War Mode, Arenas, and Battlegrounds.


  • Chat Ready for Typing Macros - These macros will automatically get you typing in the chat most relevant to your group type. Bind to a key for faster group chat.
  • Target to Chat Macros - In group PvP focusing the right target at the right time as a group, when seconds count, is crucial.
  • Location to Chat Macro - Sometimes group members lose track of your position, and need some help finding you in the heat of the moment. Voice chat is not always possible or is unclear.
  • Guild Recruitment Macros - At a time of your choosing, click to send a guild recruitment message and invite link to group or general chat.


  • PvP Items: My Top 5 - I love PvP items in World of Warcraft, these are my favourites. Some are easier to acquire than others, but they are all well worth getting.
  • Magic Banana Bubble Hearth Interrupt - In WoW, since MoP anyone can interrupt a Paladin's bubble hearth with the Magic Banana item! I've interrupted many hearths with my banana.