Warsong Gulch Gameplay: Domination

Alliance Defence Force dominate this low CR Warsong Gulch rated battleground. Gameplay demo of the WoW PvP that I'll stream on my Twitch channel.

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I love Warsong Gulch, it's the original and perfect battleground. I've been playing capture the flag game modes since my Quake 2 days. There's just something awesome about stealing the enemy flag and capturing it. They don't like it, and that makes it more fun.

Every WSG feels slightly different. And, this time we will nail it is in my mind at the start. Doesn't always turn out that way, but that's part of the fun. Not knowing what's gonna happen.

In this demo of Warsong Gulch gameplay, we nail it. Goof on his DH just sails past with the flag. The rest of our team keeps the enemy team occupied throughout. Domination!

Winning an individual match is great, but my fav thing to do in WoW is try to get win streaks. I use the Reflex addon to keep track of wins and losses. Rating does not interest me much, I am a casual. Win streaks tho, gimme!

Over the course of a WoW stream, I'll be referring to Reflex a lot. Can we maintain this win streak. Or, can we make a comeback and turn a lose streak into a win streak. Or, at least equalize. Ye, for me it's not about one match. It's about ten matches.

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