Warsong Gulch Battleground PvP

Alliance Defence Force take on the Horde in unrated Warsong Gulch.

My first commentated video, please pardon the commentating errors. I'll use commentating to improve my in the heat of the moment observational skills. Didn't work in two or three parts of this video. Let's see if I can improve my observation skills in the next one.

The ADF WoW PvP community is growing fast, and grouping on a regular basis with players you know is getting easier and easier. Unrated battlegrounds are a great community activity for multiple members at a time. There's a limit of five players per group in unrated battlegrounds. That's okay, multiple ADF parties can be on the go. But ideally, we'd have enough online members to fill ten player groups in rated battlegrounds. We quite often easily fill a five party now, it's not a stretch to see a ten raid being easily filled as the community grows.

Goals for ADF community

  • Consistent general PvP activity among a good percentage of the members, leading to;
  • A core set of players within the community that PvP together on a regular basis, leading to;
  • An official ADF rated battleground PvP team.

For my video content, I want to make the move to competitive rated PvP. I've done a few rated battlegrounds, and found them very difficult. I refocused back on unrated for practice practice practice, and fun fun fun. I'm a slow learner, but also only interested in doing rated PvP in groups 100% comprised of ADF community members - and we need more members for that.

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