Warsong Gulch Battleground EFC

When the enemy flag carrier (EFC) is hard to kill, it's good to try and stop them even picking up your team's flag in the first place.

Otherwise, these hard to kill enemy flag carriers can often reach their own flag room with barely a scratch. And then you rely on your team's ability to cooperate and take it down as a group. Not always going to happen. But if you can identify which enemy player will be the enemy flag carrier, normally the tank, could be a healer or dps - kill them if possible, at least slow them, delaying them even getting to your flag room.

Of course it depends on what else is happening in the battleground, use your judgement. But a stealth class is perfect for this strategy. Sneak around and identify that potential EFC, while they are as close as possible to their end of the map. Rogues have the edge with their CC, but I love Feral Druid - it's multi role in any battleground. Flag carrier, flag interceptor, attacker, defender. Does it all!

In the video, I'm doing my best to keep track of the enemy player I identified as the enemy team's flag carrier. Once identified, I simply try to make that EFC not be an EFC.