Warcraft Stream

World of Warcraft will be the primary game on my PVPXTV Twitch Channel. Follow me now and get notified when I go live.

I'll stream PvP, more PvP, and then lots of PvP. Ye that's all I do in WoW, only PvEing if I must. The epic bg video above is a nice example of the more social side of PvP. We are having fun trying to win, but also having fun with the banter. That's something that I hope will come across in the stream. I mostly do random and rated battlegrounds, with some WPvP in there too. Lots of potential for fun situations and no dead air.

My community in WoW is growing all the time, with both regular participants and new members keeping things interesting. They will be very important in my WoW stream. Not only are they fun to play WoW with, but they add value to my content. That's awesome, and I hope the community will continue to grow. Good for my stream, good for the community, and good for other content creators in the community. People are what matters!

I'll stream other games too, but that will be limited to a specific non-WoW day. I don't think it will work, me dipping in and out of WoW during a stream. I either WoW or not in that session. That's how I see it right now anyway. I'll set up a schedule nearer the time when I am able to stream. Ye, I can't actually stream yet lol. Need better Internet. Good news, it's coming. Follow me on Twitch now and get notified when I go live!