Warcraft 4 PvP Simulation

It would be awesome to simulate Warcraft 4 PvP, in WoW WPvP. When playing Warcraft 3, all those years ago, I remember thinking it would be fun to zoom in and play the individual characters. Then we got WoW and it became 'reality'.

What I loved about Warcraft 3 was the big battles in PvP. Huge fun seeing the little armies fight each other. Put the effort into building up their numbers then send them to slaughter, or be slaughtered.

During Warcraft 3 PvP, I imagined these battles in Warcraft 4 - kind of like how WoW turned out, except with big battles after a period of army numbers buildup. Fighting over a world objective.

We have good WPvP in World of Warcraft. Sometimes big fights, no real objective except kills, and that is a lot of fun. But I miss the concept of building up an army, and sending them to victory/doom - I want the Warcraft 4 PvP that I imagined years ago.

Well, why not simulate Warcraft 4 PvP battles using WoW? By creating a dual faction PvP community, I've realized that I'm actually working towards the Warcraft 4 PvP concept that I had in mind.

Building up our Horde guild, and building up our Alliance guild. Getting the numbers to a sufficient level for battle. Send them to fight ad hoc and/or as events. I love it, just need to get more WPvPers on board.

PvP objectives are an important part of this idea. In Warcraft 3, bases and resources were the objective. For our Warcraft 4 simulation in WoW, we can use the PvP objectives that some zones have. Fight over them, control them. Have something at stake other than pure killing.

I'm sure what I am proposing happens from time to time in WoW - what I am suggesting is organized objective based WPvP, inspired by the idea of Warcraft 4 PvP, using a dual faction community. This means control, ease of organizing, not relying on third parties to even show up for the fight. Making it a regular thing.

Objectives will be the key, and player numbers. Thinking in terms of attacking or defending something. To me, that is Warcraft 4 PvP. A capturable PvP objective such as the towers in Hellfire Peninsula would be perfect. But I have ideas for other objectives.

As few as 5 players per faction could be fun. Ideally it would be multiple raids per faction, but realistically a 40 raid per faction would be pushing the lag. But, as many as can be in one spot without performance problems. Any number of players just to get things rolling would be great though.

What about reward? I personally would do it for no reward except the fun. I know many players like reward though, and that could be fun too. For reward, there would need to be a defined PvP outcome, a win/lose situation to the PvP. So, zones with PvP objectives then.

The guild bank could represent, what was in Warcraft 3, the players gold. Maybe something like, the first faction to control a PvP tower for X minutes wins. The winning guild's bank receives 5000 gold, or whatever, as a reward each time they win. Or, killing an enemy faction boss/defending it within X minutes for gold reward. With guild resources building up, more and more depending on success.

There's lots of potential for this. Warcraft 4 PvP! Getting players interested, that's the thing. First things first, I need to build up both our faction's guilds to have those players willing to get us started. To get to the bigger battles, we will have to start with small battles.

Does Warcraft 4 simulated PvP sound fun to you? We'd love to have you in one or both of our WoW PvP guilds. Join us!