War Mode WPvP Ethics

I posted an anonymous 10 question survey on the WoW EU War Mode forum, to get an indication of the forum community's views on ethics in WPvP. The survey results were very interesting!

In all these years of WoW WPvP, there have been many complaints about unethical behaviour. Some players have no rules, if it's red it's dead. Other players maintain a high standard of "honor", being careful to only engage in "fair" WPvP. The problem is, every one of these RP players have slightly different rules, and their personal rules do not apply to anyone else. But, many think they do.

Both the complaints and the behaviour will continue as long as WPvP is what it is now, has always been, and hopefully will be for a long time to come - an open world PvP system that allows us to decide how we play the mode.

It's unavoidable to take a stance on ethics in WPvP. From one extreme of not caring at all, to the other extreme of having your own clearly defined unbreakable rules that prevent you attacking other players unless the situation is 100% fair (to you). And everything in between those two extremes. Ethics in WM are not black and white, they are shades of grey, and depend on your viewpoint.

How much fun you have in WPvP, is at least partly going to depend on your stance. The more you lean towards being fair, the less happy you will be, because WPvP is for sure not fair. It never was. Should WPvP be changed by Blizz to satisfy the extreme ethicals? No.

The fact Blizz did not add ethical limits into War Mode WPvP is deliberate. They gave us choice, each individual behaving slightly differently, with their own individual motivations and stance on ethics. That's part of what makes War Mode a rich WPvP environment - your choices, and the choices of your allies and enemies affect the outcomes. It's a dynamic PvP system, where anything can happen.

It's ironic though, the players that are most concerned about ethics, tend to be the ones that are the most abusive in game chat and on the WoW War Mode forum. Which is ironically, unethical! Sure, post your viewpoint on the forum - but you cannot win the argument on WPvP ethics, and neither can I. But it's fun to try!

WPvP Ethics Challenge

Can you argue with the statements below? For increased difficulty, a response must not conflict with your response on the previous point. Answer all Agree or Disagree to win - that is your challenge.

  1. Blizz's official rules on PvP harassment state that WPvP such as corpse camping and lowbie killing are legitimate PvP tactics.
  2. Therefore, players are free to make up their own ethics rules (within ToS), but other players have no obligation to follow those rules. Especially since made up rules inevitably vary from player to player.
  3. Therefore, anything goes in WPvP (within ToS). Players are free to WPvP in whatever way they like (within ToS), even if you disagree with that behaviour.
  4. Therefore, complain all you want, but no one has the right to tell another player how to WPvP, or abuse them in whisper chat or a forum. Players in WM make a conscious decision to enable it, and accept the consequences.
  5. Therefore, if a player doesn't like the reality of WPvP, the problem is solved by turning off War Mode. As stated by Blizz: If you do not wish to engage in PvP combat, do not activate War Mode.
  6. Therefore no "fairness" changes are required to fundamentally change WPvP from what it has always been. A gankathon.

WPvP Ethics Survey

According to my WPvP ethics survey, answered by a small section of the WoW community, but with a large enough number of responses to indicate an overview of opinion - the rules of other players count for nothing. War Mode IS CHAOS!