Twitch Streamer

I'm going to stream my fav PvP games, in a variety of genres. MMORPG, Open World, RTS, FPS, and Racing.

Check out my YouTube channel for gameplay videos and follow my Twitch channel to get notified when my stream goes live.

Here's just some of the games I'll be streaming on a schedule.

World of Warcraft

Streaming WoW will be a large part of my content on Twitch. I have a PvP community with several guilds. Great potential for exciting competition, social banter, and random fun moments (like rage whispers).

Warcraft 3

I've played some PvP in WC3, but not enough! I aim to correct that. A long match can be filled with many critical moments. I used to make extreme long running custom maps for RTS games, could be fun to get back into that.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Open world is my absolute fav genre of game. GTA V is getting long in the tooth, but it's a classic OW shooter. My focus is GTA Online, however I am keen to get involved in GTA 5 RP. I have not roleplayed much, and never on voice. It's a kind of PvP!

Red Dead Redemption 2

More open world. Never played RDR 2, love the look of it. I know it will be a fav. As with GTA 5, my focus will be Read Dead Online. There's roleplay potential here too. I have my best (bad) cowboy impersonation ready.

Squad & Arma 3

I love FPS shooting games, not so much the small map ones like CoD. Open world is what I want, and Squad fits the bill with massive maps and lots of players. Arma is different but same from Squad, they are both awesome in their way. I've loved this type of game long time. Games like Operation Flashpoint, and the Novalogic Joint Operations series, and its predecessors.

Formula One

I've not fully decided the racing game I'll play. F1 is a great series tho, awesome tracks. I've played the Codemasters F1 games, and Microprose classics. I love to win, and punch in those lap times! Lots of potential for exciting moments in online play.

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I'll play other games too. Main game will be WoW, but with time dedicated to my other favourites. Follow me on Twitch to get notified when I go live.