Twin Peaks Party Sync Battleground

Reducing our level bracket to battleground with a lower level guildie, we are determined to dominate. Turns out to be harder than expected, but we give it our best shot.

Edit: I only realized later that I didn't need to use the party sync UI in the video's situation, it's automatic for battlegrounds. In fact, using the UI actually caused party join issues. Don't need it.

The party sync feature Blizzard introduced in BfA is awesome for a guild. We can group together and do content regardless of level. I battleground, a lot. And it feels bad turning away guildies from a party because they are too low level. Now we don't have to! This'll be great in Shadowlands, when a lot of our members will be levelling.

In a party sync group, the higher level players get reduced in level and power. Losing some spells can be a bit sad, but in another way it's kinda fun to feel like you're going back in time with your character.

In this video I had made an assumption that the lower level battlegrounds would be easy, but our opponents were pretty determined. Party sync bgs are not necessarily an easy and free ride to a win. You still gotta work!

Since then, we left the Shadowlands prepatch behind and entered Shadowlands proper. I like to level and PvP at the same time, takes longer but oh well, and the party sync feature was a great way to PvP with other guild members that had already reached max level. Took me a week to get to level 60! I did a lot of WPvP though hehe.

On a side note, I am loving the new PvP vendor in Shadowlands. By the time I levelled up to 60 I almost had enough honor to fully equip my Feral Druid. Was a good feeling, compared to BfA's very slow and rng overly time gated gearing. Next I want to complete the unrated PvP set, upgrade it, and hopefully get some rated gear too.

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