Targeting Specific Realm Capital Cities

Capital city attacking/defending is ideal for a WPvP event, but each capital city is in its own distinct realm shard. Our ADF/HDF guilds are on different realms.

That's no problem in general War Mode old zones like Hellfire, we will normally see each other. But in capital cities, the group leader needs to do some minor extra effort, it's easy tho.

Did a good test during an ADF attack on Stormscale Orgrimmar, home of HDF! The group forming worked perfect. Though I confused myself a little, but that's on me. Next time will be easier, if I remember the bits I got confused at.

Here's what I did minus my mistakes, so it's what should be done:

  1. I had a lowbie Alliance char already sitting in Stormscale Orgrimmar (secret spot!)
  2. Invited one to the group and made them group leader.
  3. Waited for at least one other group member to reach Orgrimmar - I am not 100% sure if it was necessary to wait for them, will experiment some day.
  4. I joined on my main, and was made leader.
  5. I kicked my lowbie from the group, which is needed so that can convert to raid.
  6. Pressed one button to invite all from community calendar that signed up.
  7. Invited from guild/community chat and Discord.
  8. Added group to LFG with title "City Attacker Achiev Orgrimmar".

Sounds like a lot of steps, but was pretty easy, if ignore the couple of places I got confused hehe. For example, I forgot could not convert to raid while my lowbie char was in the group!

There were no problems with sharding, we stayed in Stormscale Orgrimmar the whole time, even though I accidentally left Org at one point. It seems like, once you are in that city realm you will stay there until group disbands. The only issue I think, is a rare situation where there's a bug or something where one raid can get split onto two different shards/city realms - that must be a bug, group should always be in same shard normally. Saw it happen when using Thunderbluff zeppelin to reach Org, and couple times when some where inside and some outside Org.

Only problem was lag for some group members. With lfg, our group reached 26 members and that seems to be where lag starts happening. If doing this, I suggest max 20 or 25 raid members per city realm. If more than 25 want to take part, could attack an additional realm city. For example Stormscale/Outland/Ravencrest. But if we didn't use lfg, and that's another goal, it would be hard to reach 25 anyway, therefore not really an issue rn.

So, the potential for guild v guild WPvP event in specific realm cap city has been tested, and just need more WPvPers now.