Simulated Raid for War Mode WPvP

In War Mode you're limited to five in your party for PvP quests, but you are not limited to one party.

Unfortunately you can't complete PvP quests in a raid. However, you can simulate a raid, with multiple parties in the same War Mode shard. Great if you would otherwise be outnumbered as a single party.

This is the reverse of my distribute raid to multiple shards tip. In that scenario, we have a good kill spot and want to dominate it in multiple shards. In this scenario, we want to dominate a single shard that has plentiful enemies.

Why multiple parties in one shard?

  1. You found a good enemy populated shard, but the kills don't count for PvP quest in your raid.
  2. If the current shard favours the enemy faction, it's good to rebalance it with your multiple parties.
  3. Multiple PvP quest parties are easy to pad via LfG.

Simulated Raid

Split your raid into multiple parties, all in the same War Mode shard and coordinating, simulating a raid. As always in WoW, a little more effort can give advantage.

  1. Ungrouped, have everyone meet at the same spot.
  2. The players that can see each other will form parties.
  3. Everyone in the multiple parties should now be in the same shard and be able to see each other. Coordinate via Discord or in-game guild/community chat.

This will work best if you're in a PvP guild or community.