Seething Shore Battleground Strategy - Node Sequence

Azerite nodes appear on the Seething Shore map in a random position but in sequence, one after each cap. Try to keep an eye on the map so that you know the sequence. Get to the next node in sequence and be in the right place at the right time. Cap those nodes!

Easier said than done. Seething Shore is a tricky World of Warcraft battleground that requires good team co-ordination on the objective. In the demo video I'm initially keeping track, then lose track, then get it back again. This is only a random bg and I'm not team leader. If it was a rated battleground the leader would need to maintain awareness of the node sequence. But if no one else is doing it, you can try to keep track of the sequence yourself.

Why? Keeping moving and being in the right place at the right time that's why. Ideally, your node capping group (could be one member) should arrive at a node just as it's popping up. Eliminate any hopefully minimal resistance. Cap it quick, then on to the next node. If it's a too heavily defended node, skip to the next one which hopefully is due to pop. Judgment for when to skip or fight is needed of course.

Ideally, the majority of your opponents are bogged down at a contested node, or spread out, or at a node that will take longer to pop than the other two. While the opposing team loses time, you are capping nodes.

That's the ideal situation - but of course the ideal will not always happen. In a rated battleground, the enemy team is almost sure to use a standard reliable tactic that requires your team to also use a standard tactic = tough battle. But in a random battleground, well your opponents and your own team can be unpredictable.

However in randoms, it's often the case that a large chunk of both teams will fight at one node for several minutes. That is the period you'll typically see the other nodes getting capped in quick time. The question is, will you and/or your node capping group be doing it or the other team? You can make a difference. Watch your map, keep an eye on the sequence the nodes appear. State in voice and text chat the next node. Get to the node. Hope you have some help if needed. Cap it!

Things don't always work out as planned, and both teams can be unpredictable or predictable. But at least keep an eye on the node sequence. If your opponents are not watching it, that could be an advantage for your team and an easy win.

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