RBG Deepwind Gorge: Base Prediction

I'm learning to lead RBGs. My goal was to lead all of the time in this RBG, not just at the start or intermittently, all of it. If you spot mistakes let me know in the comments. Oblizzion dk is target caller. Team is mixed rating and not ideal comp, this was a guild/community fun event rather than pushing rating. That will come, down the line!

How much do we need a leader in rated battlegrounds? Would our team have won without a leader? Maybe. But having one person telling the team where to go, and seeing them go there on the map... that's awesome. Such a big difference from the unrated battlegrounds that I normally do. And the team listening to the target caller Oblizzion, very nice. Kind of a novelty to me right now. Looking forward to more rated bgs.

For leading, I've realized Feral Druid's ability to track humanoids on the minimap is good for strategy. While sitting mid, I was able to call which base to defend purely looking at the minimap. Next I will work on naming the bases correctly! Hehe, when not leading I know the base names, but my brain was overloaded slightly. Hoping that after leading more RBGs I get used to the multitasking.

Here's where my easy mode Feral Macros come into play. I try to multitask lead and still do some damage at same time. Not easy, my damage was low, but without my macros I think my damage would have been close to zero. Room for improvement ofc.

Our guild/community has just started doing regular weekly rated battleground events. I have not done many RBGs, and these were my first in Shadowlands. This Deepwind Gorge RBG was from our first Saturday event. In that session we won a few, lost more, but some of the ones we lost were real close. All were fun!

Our comp was not ideal, because I want to avoid LfG, and not quite enough interest in our guild yet, so limited choice. Having said that, for these first events I am keen on getting people involved that want to take part, regardless of spec, worry about comp later when we push rating. This was the first time we RBG'd without using LfG. To me that's awesome, the goal is 100% guild member RBGs.

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