Night Elf WPvP Guild Ravencrest EU

Night Elves, together we will destroy our mortal enemies the Blood Elves, and all Horde. The night will reign.

The Night Reign - Ravencrest

A new WPvP focused guild for Night Elf characters only. It will take some time to get going, join us now and help build up our guild. If your Night Elf is not on Ravencrest, we have a cross realm community of the same name. Apply to join via guild and community finder. We have an official guild transmog and mounts, optional for community. Take part in regular joint WPvP events with Alliance Defence Force. An enemy guild for Blood Elves is also in progress.

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War Zone: Hellfire Peninsula

In current expansion zones, you're unlikely to see your own guild members, let alone enemy guild members. That's why a war zone, normally single sharded, has been designated for guild and community members to hang out in.


Setting your hearth to our war zone is recommended.


All guild characters must use an official mount, or be working towards it. Optional for community members.


All guild characters must wear the official guild transmog, or be working towards it. Optional for community members.


  • Broken Shore Questing Set Armor (Head can be hidden).
  • No shirt, hidden tabard and cloak.
  • Purple weapon.





Join Guild

Want to join? Simply search for "The Night Reign" in the guild finder while logged in on your Night Elf Ravencrest character. You can also join our cross realm WPvP community of the same name by applying through community finder. For both, you must enter requested details in your application note.

And join the Alliance Defence Force WoW PvP community on any EU realm. Horde players can join our Horde guilds and/or community.