Moonfire - Lunar Inspiration Talent

With the Lunar Inspiration talent, Feral Druids gain a direct damage ranged attack, an additional combo point generator, and damage over time (dot) spell Moonfire, castable in Cat Form.

Watch my Moonfire demonstration video for just some of the fun that ranged attack provides Feral in PvP. Further down I list the benefits of Moonfire in PvP.

Lunar Inspiration is usually frowned upon, with Sabertooth being the preferred Feral talent for single target in PvP. For me, I'd rather have a spell like Moonfire that does something interesting, rather than Sabertooth which is kinda boring. I'm not all about max damage, and how much damage difference is there between Moonfire and Sabertooth anyway? I don't know, but Moonfire feels pretty good to me in PvP.

Besides, Rip gets refreshed anyway in the Consume Combos macro sequence in my Feral Druid Easy Mode macros. Moonfire fits right into the Generate Combos macro, just another Shred basically. It's in the cast sequence for general usage, and also solo on the modifier for specific ranged dotting or spamming.

Yes the Moonfire spell is situational. I find myself in these situations most of the time! One of my favourite aspects of PvP is "No Escape" - the opponent must not survive and get away. Actually, I want them to think they are going to get away, only to die from my Moonfire spam as they run. That happens a lot. How could I not take Lunar Inspiration lol. It's the funnest Feral talent available imo, with Thorns a close second.

Benefits of Moonfire

  • Ranged Attack - your only choice for direct damage ranged attack in Cat Form. You could go Balance Affinity for more ranged damage than Moonfire. But imo Restoration Affinity is more useful for self/off healing, or Guardian Affinity for survival situations like flag carrying.
  • Damage Over Time - the extra dot is very welcome. Get your bleeds and Moonfire on, root them, and then watch them die faster than without Moonfire. In PvP, remember that your opponent may not be happy about having extra dots. Frustrating them could help you win if they get distracted.
  • Moonfire Kiting - Feral Druids are awesome melee kiters, Warriors are a fun opponent. Moonfire lets you do direct damage at the same time as running rings around your opponent. Build up those combo points, then dive in and apply a finishing move, root and run.
  • Moonfire Anti-kiting - Feral Druids are also great at anti-kiting a mage for example. All that shape shifting, you can't pin a Feral down. When being kited, it's nice to have Moonfire to build up combo points while out of melee range, than apply a finishing move when you do manage to get up close.
  • Moonfire as Finisher - it's a great direct damage finisher when an opponent is low on health and running away. This happens to me a lot, I love runners. Moonfire is a situational spell, but I am in these situations almost every time I PvP. I love it when they think they are gonna get away, but then don't. No escape!
  • Moonfire as Tormentor - there's a chance your opponent will get frustrated and therefore potentially distracted if you give them some Moonfire spam. Distraction equals mistakes. Moonfire is really quite obnoxious in its audio visual effect. Excellent for tormenting an opponent, which can be fun.
  • Death From Above - when flying is not possible, or even if it is, the glider combined with Moonfire is an awesome tactical (and fun) weapon system. Especially at the start of an expansion, I use my glider as a hunting tool, gliding around while tracking humanoids. Find a victim, Moonfire their health down a bit. Then land for the kill. Fun!
  • Death From Below - I love using my Net-o-Matic 5000 to dismount flyers. When they fall directly towards you, a well timed Moonfire may be your only chance to get the honor points reward. You only get points if you did damage to the target before it dies. It's actually a fun mini-game trying to Moonfire them before they splat.
  • Something to Do - when your opponent is shielded from melee attacks, try some Moonfire spam. They might get frustrated and make mistakes. Always a good thing.

Feral Druid Easy Mode

If you want to try out my setup's Talents and Macros, see my Feral Druid Easy Mode guide. You can use my talents or your preference, and adjust the macros as needed.