Magic Banana Bubble Hearth Interrupt

In WoW, since MoP anyone can interrupt a Paladin's bubble hearth with the Magic Banana item! I've interrupted many hearths with my banana.

Get your Magic Banana from the rare NPC Bonobos in Valley of the Four Winds, Mists of Pandaria zone. With a high 10% drop chance, you'll get your banana in no time!

It has a long 2 hour cooldown, but in typical WPvP that's fine. Now I look for Paladins, hoping they will bubble hearth. I want them to try it :)


  1. You can't place the banana near to yourself. Stand back from your target when placing your banana.
  2. The Paladin can resume their hearth after being interrupted while still in their bubble. Time your banana throw so that they will not have time to hearth again.
  3. I put my banana on a keybind for quick deployment.