Warcraft Horde PvP Guilds

If you love group PvP, join one of our Horde PvP guilds. You can also join our Horde WoW PvP community on any EU realm. We have guilds and a community for Alliance as well.



Group Activities

  • PvP Events.
  • Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Duels.
  • PvP quests and achievements.
  • Capital city defence and enemy capital city occupation.
  • Defending flags, bosses, world quests, assaults, bases, resources, visiting lowbie gank areas including Darkshire and Redridge.
  • Patrolling zones and reducing the Alliance population (especially bounties) for the safety of Horde War Moders.
  • Responding to community and local defense chat alerts.

Guild Ranks

Promotion is based on a mix of participation, time, and proactivity. Affiliate guilds in our network may be set up differently to core guilds.

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Read the rules in the community category of our Discord.

Join Guilds

Want to join? Simply search for a guild name in the guild finder while logged in on your Horde character on these EU realms. For both, you must enter requested details in your application note. Or discover more guilds to join within our network.

Also join the Horde Defence Force WoW PvP community on any EU realm. Alliance players can join our Alliance guilds and/or community.