GTA V Twitch Stream

My first GTA V Twitch stream was mostly getting used to controls and messing about in vehicles.

I had a lot of fun in my first GTA V Twitch stream. I love random stuff and GTA is a great place for that. Didn't get much PvP done, but then I can't shoot straight anyway. All I want to do is to cause trouble. More PvP next time. Mostly me getting ruined no doubt.

Only after the stream did I notice that my graphics were not at maximum quality. Will have them at max for next stream. This is early days, and I am still working to optimize the stream quality. Trying out the lower 720p at 60 FPS setting. When I get fibre I could possible go to 1080p, we will see.

For me, funny situations mostly involve other people. So, I'm hoping to rope more into my GTA streams and have some funny random stuff happening. Watch this space!

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