GTA 5 Stream

I can't shoot straight, but I love to shoot my gun.

GTA 5 streaming on Twitch coming soon. Stream capable internet has had a deposit put down! Follow me on Twitch now and you'll get notified when I go live.

WoW seems like it will be my primary game for streaming. However, I'll want variety in my stream rather than focusing solely on WoW. And GTA V is one of my favourite games, with great potential for random stuff that makes me laugh.

The GTA 5 video above is a sample of my approach to GTA. It's a recording of my first session in there. The kind of feel I'm after. Where I lack in shooting skills, I aim to make up for in randomness. A stream would have voice on it, at least some of the time.

I love open world games, and the Grand Theft Auto world is awesome. Running around causing trouble is my fav activity in GTA 5 Online. But what I really want to get into is GTA RP. Since I can't shoot straight, RP seems the way to go. With RP there's lots of potential for storylines, interactions, and long term engagement.

I'll likely stream a dedicated day or two for games like GTA, and stream WoW the rest of the week. I've not fully decided a schedule yet, but there will be one, with a variety of games streamed on specific days. For example, GTA 5 and other games Tuesday, WoW Wednesday to Saturday. For sure WoW has slow days, and that's the time for other games.

In WoW, with my community, there's content based on chill casual PvP and at times more competitive rated PvP. I'd like to carry some of that vibe over to a GTA 5 stream. Mostly chill, some RP, funny interactions, random stuff, and occasional shooting straight.

Follow me on Twitch now, get notified when I go live. Sooner rather than later I hope! Since I can't stream yet, I'm focusing on building up to it. Would be great to hit the road running. I have a new website planned as well, it will have a big emphasis on my and community member streams. I'll post updates on the Twitter.