Gaming Stream Coming Soon

Soon I'll have access to Twitch stream capable fiber internet. Let the streaming begin.

I've wanted to stream for years, can't do it with this copper line internet. However, after years of waiting fiber is coming. The first battle was to get the speed needed for streaming. The war will be to actually have viewers. I'm realistic, I know it's hard for 99% of streamers to get traction. I am always optimistic though and will be streaming primarily for the fun of it. I'm playing the game, may as well stream it. If anyone wants to watch me, bonus!

Follow my PVPXTV Twitch channel and press the notifications bell, then you'll get notified when I go live for first time. I may also stream on PVPXTV YouTube channel. World of Warcraft will be my primary stream game, I have an existing community on there. GTA V will be secondary game for variety.

Admission: I love PvP, but am not skilled or even interested in becoming skilled. I just wanna have fun. What I really love about WoW and GTA, is the potential for random moments. I love them! Playing the game for a while, and just something unexpected and funny happens. Those are good times. I might add other games to my stream later, but they'd be games where randomness is likely. That means PvP or maybe even RP. Ye role play. I have not done much, but I really like the idea of getting into GTA RP. We will see, lots of potential for fun times.

Is there an audience on Twitch for me? I don't know. But I intend to find out! I'm gonna stream regardless, since, why not? And been waiting years to do it lol.

Start Streaming

When will my streaming start? Well the fiber is still in process being set up in the vicinity, but they are working on it. Also, I'll be moving house to that location and will need to get set up. I estimate I'll be streaming second half of December or in January. Follow my stream and press the bell to get notified of first stream!