Frost Mage

I mained a Mage in WoD for a while. Was fun but I was always bottom damage in dungeons. In Shadowlands, I have come back to Mage with my PvP leveling only alt.

This time, I have Mage easy mode macros, copied over from my Feral Druid macros and adjusted. As I make more and more alts, I realize how viable it is to have almost the same consistent macro setup on all my characters. Easy mode for all my alts, that's my goal.

That means, rather than alts - I'd almost be maining an alt for every class, and eventually for every spec. Easy mode macros make it possible! In terms of using abilities anyway. Getting geared on all those alts, ok that's more work. But since they are being levelled in battlegrounds, they'll all be capped on honor long before they reach 60. So I can at least buy the honor PvP gear right away, and it's fast to upgrade.

After reaching level 10, I was going to level 99.9% in battlegrounds. However, this Mage is strapped for cash and has to do some PvE to get gold. Sold a three stack of really low level mats for almost 100g on auction house, money should not be an issue. I have about half hour wait in queue between battlegrounds, so I can farm lots of lowbie mats to sell.

In these early battlegrounds that I'm doing, I've found it pretty difficult. I did not have any gold to buy gear, and only realized after being reminded that I could use my heirloom gear. Darn it. Anyway, have that now, but replacing the ultra low other slots is top priority. My other alts on Alliance do real nice with upgrades from bgs. Kinda hard to get same performance in lowbie Horde bgs for some reason. I'll get there!

If you want to see my Frost Mage in action, watch my Frost Mage playlist on the PVPXTV YouTube channel. Like and subscribe if you want to see more. I have a bold plan - make an alt for every class and spec. I'm an altaholic!