Frost Death Knight

Super casual mashing buttons in Deepwind Gorge. The journey of leveling every spec of every class in battlegrounds continues.

Feels like I can do some damage with this Frost Death Knight right out of the box. Mashing those buttons, with my easy mode macros for Death Knight. Those are still in the prototype phase!

The stand out spell? Death Grip - I love it! My favourite thing in WoW is doing what the enemy player either dreads or does not expect. On my Rogue, sap cap. On my Feral, Prowl and Thorns. On my Death Knight, Grip. Pulling players towards you and them feeling that lurch, awesome! I want more grips.

So far, I've only done a few battlegrounds on this DK. But already I'm thinking this could be one of my main alts. Yep, I am doing an alt for every class, and will play every spec. A big undertaking for sure! I've gone from casual Feral main, to super casual altaholic. Realistically, I am too lazy to be anything other than a casual. May as well really go for it.

If you want to see my Frost Death Knight in action, watch my Frost Death Knight playlist on the PVPXTV YouTube channel. Like and subscribe if you want to see more. I have a bold plan - make an alt for every class and spec. I'm an altaholic!