First WoW Twitch Stream

I waited a long time until had good enough internet... but finally did my first live Twitch stream!

It's only wireless internet. Good, but not quite good enough. Soon I will have access to fibre though, and should be better stream quality. Was not too bad streaming on wireless, some dropped frames tho. Maybe I can tweak and improve that before fibre hooked up.

I'd been off WoW for a month, and this was my first time playing. On top of that, first time playing on new PC! I decided I'd not copy settings files over from old PC, wanted a completely fresh install. So, my UI is a mess compared to my usual minimalist layout. It's gonna take me time to fix that, since when I am on I just want to random bg lol. I'll get there!

Early days, but I plan to have a stream schedule and stick to it. For now, will stream WoW 8 PM - 11 PM (UTC 0) Monday Tuesday Thursday. And I will stream a different game Friday 8 PM - 11 PM (UTC 0), GTA V most likely. See how that goes and can refine if needed.

It's good to have realistic expectations. I don't expect viewers initially, if ever! Doing this for the fun of it primarily, I just want to stream! But, time will tell. Maybe I'll get some viewers down the line. Takes persistence! See you on Twitch!

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