Feral Druid WPvP - Orgrimmar Stalker

Vaeyn stalks his prey through the streets of Orgrimmar.

Whoa, we are back in Legion with this vid! Back then, I put more effort into telling a story in my videos. Things were a bit different. The PVPXTV YouTube channel was called Twisted Shadows, and I was GM of a large guild named... Twisted Shadows. Not the guild I GM now to be clear!

Twisted Shadows was mostly comprised of no talkers. I invited them using a mass guild invite addon called SuperGuildInvite. Ey, there were one or two that talked. Mostly not. Had some fun tho! But ye, mass guild invite is a bad idea. My current guild, Alliance Defence Force, is much more talky! It has been built up to a small guild, gradually. Slowly but surely.

I then became obsessed with Druids, and invited only Druids to Twisted Shadows using SuperGuildInvite's race filtering. Built up a large Druid only guild, of no talkers. In time, Twisted Shadows was renamed Feral Power, and the YouTube channel too. Many guild members left or were purged, and Feral Power was disbanded.

BfA came out, communities were introduced, and Feral Power was reborn as a community! Even created a one person guild so I'd have Feral Power on my nameplate. We did have some fun, a few Feral only WPvP sessions - I would love to do that again. Feral Powah!

After a while, Feral Power became quiet. No talkering ensued! I had already created Alliance Defence Force community, and decided to put my efforts into that instead of doing both Feral Power and ADF. Later, I created a one person guild named Alliance Defence Force, which went on to become the current ADF guild, except on another realm. Growing steadily, has talkers!

Meanwhile... with the intention of no longer focusing on Ferals, the YouTube channel name changed to WPVPTV - did not last, I realized I wanted to make other types of PvP videos as well. PVPXTV was born! But still focused on Ferals.

Not only that, I set up a Twitch channel, a Twitter account, Reddit, Discord, and a website - all with the PVPXTV branding. And shifted focus from one faction, the Alliance, to both factions. I have a Horde Rogue GM (Slaeyn) alt now, but I will always love my main Alliance Feral GM (Vaeyn) the most. Deleted all other characters.

The plan? Create a network of entry points to my PvP community recruitment. Draw them in! Then pit them against each other in a Horde PvP guild versus Alliance PvP guild bloodbath - under one PvP community, PVPXTV. Will it work? Hmm. Maybe! Oh ye, and make some vids and stuff.

I am not 100% sure on the accuracy of the sequence of events above. It was something like that. Anyway, join us in WoW. Together, we will destroy each other.