Feral Druid WoW PvP Montage

I love Feral Druids, lots of fun!

Feral may not have stealth capabilities quite on par with Rogue, but in every other respect Feral Druids are superior.

I think we can all agree, that everyone loves cats. And in a video game, what could be better than playing as a cat? Everyone loves Feral Druids! This is a great advantage when fighting an opponent. Whereas your goal is to destroy them and then use your knife toy on their corpse, your opponent is thinking "Aww, cute kitty, don't see many of those, maybe I can pet it." - and boom, they are dead!

Compare that with playing a Rogue. Sure, they may have slightly better stealth, but everyone hates Rogues. Even Rogues hate Rogues. My other character is a Rogue, and I hate it. That's why I chose that class, because it's on Horde and I hate Horde. It's also a forsaken, the most hated race in WoW. Undead Rogue is a great combo, if you want to be hated by your opponent. And on my Rogue I do.

But on my Feral, aww... everyone loves Feral, and are surprised to see this rare spec. Watch it play with it's food! And the opponent just wanted to pet it! Even if it gives you a microscopic advantage in a fight, worth it! Plus, Druids are great anyway. And the one true Druid race is Night Elf.

I use what I call an "Easy Mode" setup for playing all my WoW characters. Easy Mode is a combination of talent choices and macros. I won't necessarily be top damage, but for me it's more fun. I made a short guide for Easy Mode on Feral Druid, if you want to use my Easy Mode setup.