Feral Druid PvP - Rated Battleground Seething Shore

I need to learn the node names! Watch and learn from our mistakes or successes. In this Seething Shore rated battleground, from our second Saturday RBG event, our MMR is 1187 v 1205.

We are still low rating, and can get away with strat issues maybe. Our comp is 100% guild/community based and may not be ideal. I refuse LfG because I want consistent groups. Participation is just enough to RBG in the event at this time.

Our first Saturday RBG event was more difficult to organize, but we managed to maintain 10 unideal comp. In this second Saturday event, we maintained an unideal comp throughout the event much easier and was smoother to set up. At the third event next time, I am hopeful to do at least that again, or have more ideal comp. I talk about comp, I don't actually know lol for sure what we should have, relying on the group to tell me. Right now, focused on having the basics.

Not a Guide

This is not a guide vid, I am only learning and practicing leading rated battlegrounds. My second RBG event in Shadowlands, I did only a handful of RBGs before SL. However, I/we can potentially learn something. Watch the whole vid, and see where I/we went wrong. What could have been done different? What worked, but may not work at higher rating? Let us know in the comments.

Strategy: Pinned Down

Our strat was to pin them down in a team fight at one node, while some of us cap the other nodes. And the enemy team attempted the same. In a previous Seething Shore in this RBG event session, we tried splitting into the two groups of our raid, for capping two nodes just as they pop. But it was difficult for us to co-ordinate and we got hammered. Two groups is gonna need practice with same players.

We managed to keep the enemy team pinned at one contested node for most of the time, while we capped the others. They were trying to counter, and we are not looking good at the start. Well you'll see in the vid. I am not sure if this strat will work at higher rating. I'm not watching RBG guide vids right now, preferring to learn by experience. If we hit a rating wall I will do some research!

Getting Carried

I'm getting carried a bit in RBGs, my damage is very low, and I die real quick. I don't know how much that will improve, I'm stubbornly using Feral easy mode macros and avoid PvE gearing. If/when I get to 1400 rating I can start upgrading my 200 ilvl gear. Need renown 22 to upgrade my lower ilvl gear. Lots to do! And none of it PvE! Well, almost.

I am having difficulty remembering names of SS nodes when calling them out, same on Deepwind Gorge bases. I have resorted to just calling node map position for now. I'll get there with the names! Multitasking is hard, hope to improve on that.

It was nice to get a couple of RBG achievs in this rated battleground. I got the 10 wins achievement, and Private. Later on in the event I got the Corporal achiev for 1200 RBG rating. Moving up!

Well Done Team

Our win rate for the event session was 45.5%, not bad considering we are just starting out. Was 50% and 55% at one point. Nice team play, cooperative, well done team. After the event I did a few unrated bgs, and the co-op difference was very noticeable. Especially felt weird going back to seeing whiny quitters in unrated bg text chat! But I still love all bgs rated or unrated hehe.

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