Feral Druid PvP in Warsong Gulch

I love Feral! This video is an unrated battleground, but demonstrates the benefits of having a multi-role Feral on your team in a CTF bg.

Nothing stopping a Feral joining a mid fight, they can be plenty effective if there's a nice healer and are careful. But in capture the flag (ctf) maps especially, Ferals can shine as flag defenders, flag carriers (fc), flag escorts, and flag interceptors. Switching roles within a single bg for great effect. And fun!

Flag Defender

Anyone can defend, but stealth, mobility and enemy players visible on the minimap are good to have. Hanging around stealthed at your end of the map, if a single enemy goes for your flag, you have a great chance to kill it or slow it down. Seconds may count for a win!

Multiple enemies going for your flag is trickier. A good strategy is to slow the enemy flag carrier (efc) down, so that your team can get there before it gets too far.

If that looks dodgy, prevent the efc's healer from following. Sometimes the efc and friends don't notice and keep going, or they stay and you delay them while in bear form. Buy your team some time.

Either way, you are the eyes of your team, and can report the direction the efc is heading. Hope your team listens to you. Kill that efc! Remember, keep an eye on the minimap, enemy tracking is a major plus for a defender.

One Feral can cause a lot of delay for the enemy, with its stealth, cc, healing, damage reduction, and mobility. Those seconds could be what helps win the match!

I often take a defensive role in battlegrounds. Normally my damage is low or average due to intermittent action. But in this bg my damage was quite good compared to rest of the players. At the start, the Paladin attempting to go for our flag took a lot of effort to bring down, and I racked up that damage. Objective is ofc most important, good damage was just a bonus.

Flag Carrier

Once the flag room was safe, I got nudged by the other defender to go get the enemy flag. I may have thought of it eventually hehe. But, I went for it, and in this video we can see another benefit of having a Feral Druid on your team.

Stealth and sustained higher speed. I stealth in there, undetected, steal the flag, and boom - out I go. If the enemy team is awake, I can get taken down if I'm alone. But if I'm fast enough, I can escape them. CC them, build distance! Get to your healer!

Feral has travel form, fast run speed. But also two speed boost abilities, and faster unmounted run speed. I also like to use my speed boost Lightfoot Potion. It doesn't last long, but you can cover a large distance in those few seconds.

If you can get past any defenders and go straight to your flag room, awesome. Failing that, your speed will hopefully get you to your healer and a good part of the way to your flag room. Once under attack, switch to bear form, put your shields up. And hope for heals, stay with your healer!

Under severe attack, Feral's bear form is not as good as a tank. Ideally a tank is your team's flag carrier (fc). But Feral does both defence and carrying roles well. As I said, this video is unrated. In a rated bg the stakes are ofc higher. Tank is always flag carrier. But... when your tank is on their way to the enemy flag room, a Feral can be a great flag delivery service to them.

If your team has multiple players in flag carrier role, it's good to just wait in the enemy flag room stealthed. As soon as your team captures (caps) the enemy flag, Feral picks up the next one. Bring it to a tank if there is one, or cap it if you can. Hanging around the enemy flag room is also great insurance, for when your fc loses the enemy flag and the efc is closing in on their flag room! Grab the enemy flag and run.

Flag Escort

Your stealth, crowd control (cc), healing, thorns, and mobility that you can share with nearby players can be very helpful to a flag carrier (fc). Follow your fc in stealth, watch on mini map for incoming enemies, cc them as much as possible, heal your fc, help your fc escape and build distance. Delay those enemies, keep them with you while your fc runs off!

Flag Interceptor

You're out of position, efc is escaping - intercept them! Feral has the mobility to get to the efc before rest of your team. CC them, keep them from going forward, get rest of your team there, take it down! Same goes for your fc. You have the speed to get there fast, I'm often first at an efc or fc. Once that situation is dealt with, switch roles depending on what's needed. Go for the enemy flag, defend yours. Use the minimap, track those enemies.

I don't claim high skill, but I do try to focus on objectives and do my part for the team. My setup is Feral Druid easy mode if you want to try.