Feral Druid Night Fae Macros

Shadowlands covenants introduce new spells that need to be integrated into my Feral Druid macros. I chose the Night Fae covenant for the awesome Convoke the Spirits and Soulshape spells.

Convoke the Spirits

You could choose the Kyrian covenant for the damage buff, but for me Convoke the Spirits is too much fun to not take it. Your cat goes crazy with the spells and can finish an opponent very quickly - if your channeling is not interrupted.


Some say that Feral is already very mobile and doesn't need Soulshape. I say, you can never have too much mobility, I want more! Soulshape is great for kiting, anti-kiting, flag carrying, avoiding fall damage, time saving, and fun.

Night Fae Macros

The macros below are Night Fae versions of my base Feral Druid macros "Damage Boost" and "Charge". Get the rest of my Feral Druid macros. They make Feral much easier, and can be used always or just when multitasking.

Damage Boost

You can adjust the macro depending on your talent choices, but this macro is set up for my Feral Druid talents.

The macro stuns your target, and gives you a damage boost with Convoke the Spirits, Incarnation: King of the Jungle and Feral Frenzy. Re-stealth at end after removing Curse and Poison effects. Berserk is in the macro because it still works to cast Incarnation, using less characters.

The difference between this Night Fae macro and my base macro is that Convoke the Spirits has been added after Maim. There's a reset of 20 seconds, the cooldown for Maim. This is a good spot for Convoke the Spirits, you want it to be cast after a stun, so that you lessen the risk of your channeling being interrupted by your target. And not having any spell in the cast sequence after Convoke the Spirits reduces the risk of you interrupting it yourself by accidentally casting another spell, since Maim should be on cooldown.

/castsequence [modifier:alt]reset=60 Mighty Bash,Feral Frenzy,Ferocious Bite,Berserk,Remove Corruption,Prowl; [nomodifier]reset=20 Maim,Convoke the Spirits(Night Fae)
/cast Maim


Combines Skull Bash with modifiers for Wild Charge, Stampeding Roar and Dash, and Soulshape.

The Soulshape spell has it's own dedicated modifier in this macro, because it's a spell that you'll normally cast several times in a row. In the base macro I have Stampeding Roar on that modifier. In this Night Fae macro I moved Stampeding Roar into the Dash modifier. So you'll cast those speed boosts in sequence rather than choosing them individually. That could mean Stampeding Roar is not always available when you want it, but on average it works out. The 120 seconds reset is the cooldown for Stampeding Roar.

/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Soulshape(Night Fae); [modifier:shift]reset=120 Stampeding Roar,Dash; [modifier:alt]Wild Charge; [nomodifier,@focus, harm, nodead][]Skull Bash

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