Feral Druid

My main WoW character is Vaeyn the Feral Druid. I love Feral, and have been playing it since about midway through Legion.

That's not to say I am any good at Feral, or any spec. I would describe me as a filthy casual. My goal is not putting full effort into learning a spec, because lazy, yet having lots of fun doing my fav content battlegrounds and WPvP. To compensate for my reluctance to learn, I use Feral easy mode macros. They work pretty good, and allow me to play the spec as I want. There's a macro to generate combos, and a macro to consume combos. That's my main attack. Then a damage boost macro, and a few other macros.

If you haven't guessed yet, I love macros. To me, there's just something awesome about taking several steps and putting them onto one button. The thing is, my easy mode macros don't have to be used full time. You can still cast specific spells any time, and use the easy mode macros for multitasking situations. But ye, I use them all the time hehe. That won't work out for me in every fight, I don't expect it to, yet it should work out on average. My damage in battlegrounds is not too high, but then I am not going for damage, I am focused on objective. Nice excuse.

I don't think my setup is too bad, I do okay in 1v1 fights - against the right opponent! It's good enough for fun casual play. Right now, I am learning to lead rated battlegrounds. Not easy. And since I am lazy I refuse to watch guide videos. Maybe later. But right now, no. I want to learn through experience, and feedback from others in the group. To me, that's the best way to learn. And I'm finding my Feral macros really useful for the multitasking situation of leading RBGs. I can be looking at the map, calling strat, while in progress defending a base from an attacker. In theory. At least holding the base as long as possible till help arrives.

For a long time I focused on this one character, since end of Legion and all through BfA. Partly because this Feral is guild master of my Alliance guild, and wanted to focus on that. Recently something snapped in my brain, and I made a decision, and am laser focused on the idea - make an alt for every class and learn every spec in the game. I have gone from being anti-alt (I deleted all my old alts) to full on altaholic! For a few reasons, like fun. Main reason, I want to see if my Feral macros setup can be adapted to any class and spec.

I already tried it on Rogue, works great, but too similar a setup to Feral. In my early testing on lowbie alts, it's looking like the concept will work on any class. A primary spell macro, secondary spell macro, and a spell boost macro. Looking forward to getting all my alts to a high enough level to finalize their easy mode macros.

If you want to see my Feral Druid in action, watch my Feral Druid playlist on the PVPXTV YouTube channel. Like and subscribe if you want to see more!

I have a bold plan - make an alt for every class and spec. I'm an altaholic!