Eye of the Storm Strategy - Mid Side Pressure

I either didn't know or forgot, in Eye of the Storm battleground mid, you can shoot up to mid from the lower side areas.

That's a nice spot for at least one ranged to apply some unhindered pressure, hopefully without the enemy team realizing. They will likely realize after a while. In this example video I had a good amount of time to target healers and assist in pushing them back.

It's kinda fun too! I like obnoxious stuff in PvP, and that's quite obnoxious standing down the side hitting them without them knowing where it's coming from. Until they do.

I'm having a blast levelling my Balance Druid, low level bgs are great fun. Excellent win rate as well. Getting nice gear upgrades from wins. Feels good!

At time of writing, reached level 41. Keen now to get this one to 60, and at minimum have the 200 conquest gear. I love Feral, and that will stay as my main, but Balance is awesome.

I'm not in such a hurry to level all my other characters. I may keep some of them as twinks in a particular bracket. I really want to get my Balance Druid to 60. It's the GM in one of my guilds The Night Reign. GM should be a max level.

Getting there, unfortunately bad news, I am forced to do some PvE to acquire the guild transmog. I wanted The Night Reign to be very niche. Since I already have a general PvP guild, I didn't want another general PvP guild. So The Night Reign is very focused, members must be Night Elf, interested in WPvP, and use the official transmog. Well, I reached the point where I should get the tmog myself... and it requires PvE, waah!

I'll get that done, I will suffer through it, darn PvE. Maybe it won't take long, I have no idea lol. Once I've done it tho, I can add more info to The Night Reign's tmog section to help other members get their mog as fast as possible.

It's a slow process to get members, we have one or two only right now, and not much WPvP happening! I am working on it gradually. When I think of it, I will recruit Nelfs from our other guild and community Alliance Defence Force. If it takes rest of Shadowlands to get some members, so be it!

Want to join our Night Elf WPvP guild? See The Night Reign's recruitment page.