Eye of the Storm Strategy - 3 Bases and Limit Enemy Flag Caps

If you can dominate mid and cap cap cap with two bases, great. If not, try sending a stealther or two against one of the enemy bases.

I am low rated, and have not done many rated battlegrounds. This video is me and our community learning together. In a previous EotS in this session, we struggled in mid and tried switching to the three base strategy too late. So in this rbg, expecting trouble in mid, we decided to push the third base from the start.

You get more points for a flag cap if you have more bases. And with more bases, your points also increase faster. Which means the enemy team get less points per flag cap with fewer bases and slower points increase. Our strategy here is, maintain three bases with the minimum defenders, majority of our team at mid limiting enemy flag caps. Hoping we get a cap or two ourselves.

Having secured three bases, and doing better than we thought we would in mid, the points rack up for us. Horde get more flag caps, but points from only one base. By about half way through the battleground, Horde realize that they need their Blood Elf Tower base. We switch to the Fel Reaver base as our third base. They resist, but we hold on long enough, and finish on a nice points advantage.

With any strategy, we are relying on the enemy team to be slow to react or be ineffective. There was some attempt by them in the first half to retake Belf, but not enough. It's a tricky situation. Anything you put onto defence is taking away from the mid fight at the flag. When they tried in force to retake their base, we got some flag caps because they left mid vulnerable.

It worked out for us this time. The enemy team did plenty of damage. But their strategy of focusing mid until half way through just didn't work for them.

Now that you've seen the three base strategy, watch the four base total domination strategy. Well, I am joking, we were fortunate with the enemy team in that one hehe.

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