Ethical Ganking WPvP

If you like the idea of ganking, but feel bad or afraid of whisper reprisals, why not give ethical ganking a go?

Also known as anti or defensive ganking, ethical ganking puts you squarely on the moral high ground - ganking gankers. Lowbie zones like Redridge, Darkshire, and Stranglethorn Vale have major problems with Horde gankers. As an Alliance max level, you have the opportunity to step in and do something about it. Prevention is better than cure, don't wait for them to actually kill a lowbie - too late!

The beauty of ethical ganking is, you have the fun of being a ganker, without the (perceived) moral issues. No matter how much you camp that ganker, they have no reason to complain. If they do complain, with your moral high ground a suitable response should be easy!

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