Dual Faction WoW PvP Guilds

The goal is to create an active dual faction PvP community focused on our two guilds, Alliance/Horde Defence Force.


We need to build up both guilds to have 10+ engaged members that are willing to PvP together, and against each other, on a regular basis. We have guild finder and the two PvP communities to recruit from.

If you know anyone that would like to be part of our community, please encourage them to join. Getting 10+ engaged members is realistic, and the minimum that we need for guild v guild rated and WPvP events, or ad hoc PvP. Of course, the more the merrier and all are welcome.

ADF is making good progress, and has several engaged guild members. But we are not at the 10+ stage yet. HDF has only just been formed and will take time to get to where ADF is now.


When we have at least 10 engaged members per faction, we can compete in guild v guild rated battlegrounds. To make this a community activity, we want to avoid using group finder and also avoid random opponents. If we don't have 10 guild members per faction available, the communities will be used to pad the numbers. Ideally rated will be focused on guild v guild pvp.


We don't need as many members for guild v guild world PvP. This could be as few as 1 per side, but as a community activity 5 v 5 party fights are realistic in the near future. When we are at the 10 v 10 rated battlegrounds stage, 10 v 10 WPvP should also be possible. There's lots of potential for dual faction WPvP events, such as objective control in zones with PvP objectives.


Learning to work together as a group is not easy. It would be great if we could do event based or ad hoc PvP group training in battlegrounds and world zones. This is aspirational, and will require interested members. Training naturally happens in battlegrounds, but training as a team in a non pressure environment such as a world zone could be beneficial as well.

For example, learning: to maintain position with each other, awareness of healer position and state, focusing on a defined objective as a team, focusing on your objective within your group, focusing same target on demand, moving as one unit, distinguishing between other group(s) in your raid.


The communities are a nice way for non realm players to take part in guild PvP activities, and pad out the numbers if required. Community finder is working well to bring in new members on a regular basis. If you know anyone that would like to join a PvP community please invite them.


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