Defend Your Lowbies

Vaeyn witnesses an evil Horde murder an innocent Alliance.

Defending lowbies can be a fun activity in between battlegrounds. Redridge is a good spot for Alliance, either at Three Corners or Lakeshire Inn. Horde come to Redridge for a quest, but inevitably cannot resist killing lowbies. This is a heinous crime, and revenging the fallen lowbie is a privilege.

Redridge is great for 1v1, as opponents are often playing solo. They are there for a quest, but with War Mode enabled, are fair game. They wanted PvP, give it to them. It's not necessary to catch them in the act of ganking before you attack. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Whether you are Horde or Alliance, you can join our dual faction guilds and cross realm communities. Help us defend Alliance lowbies, or even Horde ones.