Deepwind Gorge Battleground Strategy

Defenders, keep an eye on the map. Your team mates might not always call inc, but you can do it for them even if you're not at their base.

Battlegrounds like Deepwind Gorge with base flags are a lot of fun, especially if you love to defend. However it can be a real challenge to hold bases when your team members are acting independently or as a single herd. The majority of PvPers seem to prefer attack. But you need defenders per base as well. Otherwise it's usually cap and run, lose base, cap and run, lose base, and so on. Assuming your opponents are countering.

In randoms your team is likely to behave unpredictably. In that situation, defenders may or may not call inc. At worst, they might decide to leave the base entirely and not tell anyone. If it was a rated battleground, there'd be standard strat. The demo video is a random bg. There was some unpredictable stuff happening, but both teams were pushing hard. Defence was patchy though.

Instead of getting mad at your team for their unpredictable defence, you can be an extra set of eyes and make a difference. While defending a safe base, watch the map and your BattleGroundEnemies ally health bars and number targeting. If things look bad at another base and they are silent, call inc for them. If you can actually see the other base or path to it, so much the better for an early inc call.

If an ally base is abandoned, simply stating that it's abandoned in chat may or may not fix that. I've found that calling inc on the abandoned base is more effective. As far as you know, as far as anyone knows, there are enemies on their way to it. Call the inc, it works better than saying it's abandoned. Your call being responded to is another story.

I love to defend, there can be some intense fights, but often you're waiting. That's why many in randoms abandon their base. They want action. Expect it. While you as a defender wait, keep an eye on the map. Call inc on other bases. But, dude, keep your other eye on your own flag! Embarrassing to lose your flag while trying to watch out for another base. That never happened to me :P

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