Chill Twitch Stream

My stream on Twitch will be mostly me chilling in WoW and other games.

I'm a long time WoW noob, but an enthusiastic player. With my community I have lots of fun and no shortage of content. If you like chill and random stuff, follow me on Twitch.

Going to play every spec of every class in WoW. I've made the alts, and working on levelling them. That'll take up most of my time in Warcraft for now.

Usually I will be on voice chat, playing with others in my community. I find the banter entertaining. Hoping others will too! There may be some occasional competitive play, for the most part it's about hanging out.

I won't just stream WoW on Twitch, I'll mix other games in there too. I love GTA V and randomness, so GTA Online is awesome. At some point I want to get into GTA Roleplay as well. I enjoy watching it, and want to get in on the RP. And other games will feature too.

I can't stream right now, darn slow internet, I've been doing what I can to prepare for when I can stream. This outro for my YouTube channel's videos is the current style I have in mind for my Twitch channel's intro and transitions. I can vary it, shorten it, lengthen it - but it could have this feel. Kinda sinister yet we are the good guys!

In the meantime, check out my videos on YouTube to get a feel for my content. You can follow me on Twitch now, you'll be notified when I go live.