Balance Druid PvP Shadowlands

Alliance alt number one Veyn gets started levelling in random battlegrounds. PvE, refuse!

I copied over my Feral macros setup to this new Balance Druid, and adjusted the spells. It's working nice! But I'm currently having a hard time with muscle memory on my new macros in this Arathi Basin. I will get there! When the Balance Druid macros are bedded in I'll make a guide for them.

Yup, I did it, I created an alt for every class, and even some for other specs, like this Balance Druid. I already have a Feral Druid. I love Druids! I've just started to level a Warrior. Going to get that one into battlegrounds asap. Then a Shaman maybe. But don't want to think too far ahead.

My plan is, get all these alts to level 10+, and then level them in bgs to level 50+. At that point, once their macros are refined enough, I can make a macro guide per class and maybe per spec as well. That's a lot of guides! Well, I have the ambition anyway!

I went for a long time focusing just my Feral Druid, and that will still be my main. I've done a turnaround though, I think because of Shadowlands being so great for PvP, that I feel the need to experience every class in PvP. DPS specs that is, I am not interested in healing or tanking... right now anyway.

I'll get this Balance Druid a bit more levelled up, and get my Warrior into bgs to start its levelling, then start the next alt up. I am gonna be busy with all these alts.

This Alt Veyn is GM of a different guild from my main guild. The Night Reign is a Night Elf only WPvP guild. I'm gonna hang out in level appropriate zones in between bgs, and hope to terrorize Orgrimmar when high enough level. At time of writing, just starting out with that. Need some initial members! If you want to join, see the TNR guild page for details.