Balance Druid

I made a Balance Druid to be guild master of my Night Elf WPvP guild The Night Reign.

I mained Balance Druid for most of my time in WoW, from late vanilla to mid Legion. As with my current Feral Druid main, focusing my time on a particular spec does not mean skill for me. It means I have a lot of fun on it though!

After playing Feral so much, I was nostalgic for the old days of Balance. Didn't want to have multiple specs on my Feral, keep it pure. I'll use this Balance character as my multi-spec Druid. I did some PvP on my old Balance Druid back in the day, but this one will be 100% PvP.

It's real nice to be on a Druid caster for a change. Feral is awesome, and I love the melee, but killing from a distance is much fun. I've copied over and adjusted my Feral Druid macros to this Balance character. Works well, and I have plenty of time to fine tune while leveling in battlegrounds.

The main reason for creating this character was for leading a Night Elf guild, The Night Reign. And I couldn't stop myself creating a Horde mirror guild The Blood Reign, for Blood Elves. That's four guilds I have now. I'm spread a little thin, focusing my time on Alliance Defence Force. I'm hoping that what happened for ADF, will happen for TNR and TBR. Eventually a leader will turn up that is keen to officer one of these guilds and help get it going.

There's lots of potential for The Night Reign, and I look forward to leveling my Balance Druid. Most of my alts are in ADF, but I've put three alts into TNR, so that I'll be on there a reasonable amount of time.

If you want to see my Balance Druid in action, watch my Balance Druid playlist on the PVPXTV YouTube channel. Like and subscribe if you want to see more!

I have a bold plan - make an alt for every class and spec. I'm an altaholic!